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In-house, courses can be arranged and open courses are available, please see our open course information for more details or book online.

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Questions about first aid training please see our Pandemic Policies may provide some answers. You can see our open courses with places available here

First Aid Training at our place or at yours

If you need to train multiple employees in First Aid at the same time we can deliver a course in-house at your venue. Then get in touch to arrange an In-House training session at your venue. Or you can send staff to our open courses at our venues. A full list of our open courses can be seen at open course dates. 

Together we can arrange a time and date, that also includes weekends, where we can train you when it is convenient for you. We serve customers all over the South East but we are also willing to travel further, as we have a large network of trainers available.

We have been teaching various First Aid courses across the South East since 1993.  So,  you are in need of some first time First Aid training for employees or coming back for a requalification then Medi Aid has your needs covered and is ready and willing to help you.

First Aid Training Courses from Medi Aid

Medi Aid has been providing first-class, fully certified First Aid training to individuals and companies since 1993. We cover a large proportion of the South East including London, Kent, Surrey, Essex & Sussex.

First Aid is a legal requirement for businesses, as well as being an essential life skill. If you have been in a situation where you have required emergency first aid, then you will understand the importance of being a qualified first aider.

We run regular courses at our large range of training venues across London and the South East, as well as in-house training at your location.

Medi Aid – Train at your venue or at ours! 

Medi Aid First Aid course types

First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work

Paediatric First Aid

The First Aid at Work (FAW) course is designed for medium to large employers, as well as those in high risk environments. Each course is specifically designed depending on the candidate’s workplace

The Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is a 1 day course that covers the essentials of the First Aid at Work course. Designed also for workplaces which require a designated first aider

The Paediatric First Aid (PFA) training course is designed for those responsible for looking after babies and children. Ideal for newly qualified nursing staff and child minders. Ofsted compliant.

First Aid at Work Requalification

Online E-Learning

Paediatric First Aid for Schools

The First Aid at Work (FAW) course is designed for medium to large employers, as well as those in high risk environments. Each course is specifically designed depending on the candidate’s workplace

Medi Aid offers a large range of online courses in Health & SafetyHealth & Social Care and Business Skills.  Visit our E-learning portal and start your free trial today

The Paediatric First Aid for Schools course is required by the Statutory Early Years framework (Ofsted) for paediatric first aid and covers the requirements for HSE Approved emergency first aid at work.

First Aid Training courses at over convenient 20 locations across the South East

Medi Aid has all of your First Aid Training needs covered for London and the South East of England.

We offer professional First Aid Training. We are compliant with the Health and Safety executive (HSE), as well as the Federation Of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATA).

Medi Aid is owned and run by former Kent ambulance paramedics and has been operating since 1993.

Our services are competitively priced and our training is both professional and thorough.

You can view our open course dates here

Lastly, if you cannot make it to one of our training centres then call us today on 0800 6848623 or email and we will arrange a training course at your workplace.


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Full Flexibility

At Medi Aid you can train at our place or at yours. Train with us at one of our scheduled training event days or simply contact us about training at your address. We can accomodate both small and large groups

Accredited & Compliant

Medi Aid is compliant with the First Aid Industry Body, as well as the Health & Safety executive (HSE) and the Federation of First Aid Training organisations (FOFATO)

25+ years experience

Medi Aid has been teaching first aid throughout the South East of England for over 25 years. You can be confident our expert trainers will guide you every step of the way

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