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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Paediatric First Aid

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Paediatric First Aid

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Environmental Policy

As a responsible company, Medi Aid (UK) LTD realises it’s moral obligation to ensuring the companies policies and practices have a minimal effect on the environment

We realise that in the everyday running of our operations we inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways. We are dedicated to minimising any harmful effects whenever practicable.

At Medi Aid we are continually striving to achieve higher standards in all things we do. We have developed this policy statement to ensure we set targets by which our policies for a superior environmental position can be monitored and improved on a regular basis.

At trainer level, we have a number of set procedures that will minimise effects our trainers have on the environment. From a reduction in paper communications to Positive Car Sharing policies.

We also realise that a working office can play a large role in reducing environment damaging waste. We therefore recycle where possible and replace old electrical goods with energy efficient models as necessary.

At management level, the Managing Director has overall responsibility for policy development, coordination and evaluation of performance. Medi Aid is determined to minimise the impact of its operation on the environment by implementing a culture of continuous improvement and development.

Mediaid will:
  1. Comply with all statutory regulations both current and future.
  2. Promote our policy of recycling and the use of recycled materials where practicable and minimise consumption of materials wherever possible.
  3. Minimise waste in all operations.
  4. Where possible we will work with suppliers who also strive to minimise the impact of their organisation on the environment.
  5. When inducting new staff, their responsibilities, and our policies on environmental preservation will be explained.
  6. All of our policies, including this document will be reviewed on an annual basis. At this time we will discuss how we feel we have performed on environmental issues and how we can improve further.

Reviewed annually

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Upcoming Courses & Prices

27th & 28th Apr 17 Folkestone, Kent Paediatric First Aid
28th Apr 17 Chatham, Kent Emergency First Aid At Work
28th Apr 17 Croydon South, Surrey Appointed Person (1 Day)
29th Apr & 6th May 17 Chatham, Kent Paediatric First Aid
2nd & 3rd May 17 Chatham, Kent First Aid At Work Requalification
3rd May 17 Canterbury, Kent Emergency First Aid At Work
6th & 13th May 17 Croydon New Addington, Surrey Paediatric First Aid
6th & 13th May 17 Orpington, Kent Paediatric First Aid
8th May 17 Chatham, Kent Emergency First Aid At Work
8th, 15th & 22nd May 17 Croydon South, Surrey Appointed Person (1 Day)
9th, 10th & 11th May 17 Canterbury, Kent First Aid At Work (Initial)
10th & 11th May 17 Croydon South, Surrey Appointed Person (1 Day)
12th & 19th May 17 Maidstone, Kent Paediatric First Aid
13th & 20th May 17 Canterbury, Kent Paediatric First Aid
13th & 20th May 17 Chatham, Kent Paediatric First Aid
15th & 16th May 17 Canterbury, Kent Paediatric First Aid
15th & 22nd May 17 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Paediatric First Aid
17th, 18th & 19th May 17 Gravesend, Kent First Aid At Work (Initial)
20th & 27th May 17 Bromley Beckenham PFA, Kent Paediatric First Aid
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Health & Safety Glossary

Definition of: Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid training teaches a person how to cope in a crisis, and administer emergency first aid in a number of situations. The appointed first aider can deal with injury and illness while waiting for the emergency services.



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